Blewett Clothing and Gear

Blewett Gear

The Blewett Elementary community can now order Blewett-branded clothing and gear!

Orders are due to the school office by April 29.  We prefer cheques (payable to Blewett Elementary) or online payments found here

The order form is posted below.  It is also being sent home with students.

Prices reflect the cost of the garments, the cost of logo setup and printing and both taxes.  This offering is not a fundraiser.

Not all colours found in the garment sizing PDFs are available to order.  Please refer to the order sheet to determine which colours are available.

We cannot provide samples for students to try on at this point.  The best we can do is provide sizing charts for each of the garments that we are offering.  See the file attachments below for each garment.

Orders are due to our office by April 29.  If you have any questions, please contact the school.

*NEW* We have added a photo of one of our older hoodies to give folks an idea of what the new ones will look like! See below for the link