Welcome to Blewett Elementary School

At Blewett Elementary School we aim to provide a safe, caring environment that promotes physical fitness, health, and academic excellence.  We believe that education at Blewett Elementary is a partnership between students, parents and/or guardians, staff and the greater community. We invite you to participate in your child’s educational experience.  Please feel free to come to the school to meet with your child’s teacher, and to become familiar with our school and its programs.
Blewett School is considered unique in its rural flavour, warmth and welcoming attitudes.  We are proud of our Hallowe’en Haunted House, PAC group, activities involving all students, and the community support.  We are proud of our staff and their willingness to go an extra mile for our kids.  A family atmosphere, friendliness and openness continue to be our focus.
Effective communication is essential to learning, and the participation of all the partners is critical to the success of our school. Whether you participate as a supportive community member, as a volunteer, or by serving on the Blewett Parents’ Advisory Council (BPAC), your attention, support and assistance are important. Please help us where you can. Our school newsletter comes home monthly and is full of information about what’s happening in the school.
I invite you to be a part of our school community and help support our students in reaching their greatest potential!
Mary-Ann Gaschnitz, Principal
Blewett Elementary School
2665 Blewett Road
Nelson, B.C.  V1L 6V4
tel. (250) 352-5314
fax (250) 352-1648