Blewett Elementary Weekly Update

Sunday, Sept 11, 2022

Hello Blewett Families,

I have to say it has been such a joy getting to meet your kids for the first time. We hope they are coming home with a sense of excitement and belonging at school. Jane and I got to spend some time with the new kindergarten students on Friday. Each child received “Blue” the Blewett Bear stuffy for being so brave on their first day of school. Interesting note to make you feel old: This kindergarten group will graduate in 2035!  

On Friday we started the Childhood Experiences Questionnaire (CHEQ) sessions in the library for all parents of our kindergarten kids. If you were not able to attend that session, we ask that you contact the school to arrange taking the survey at another time.  

Some important reminders:

Anaphylaxis - please inform our office of any known anaphylaxis reactions with your children as we work through our procedures for planning for these to start the school year.

Kindergarten parents who have not completed the CHEQ survey, please contact the school and Mr. Konken can set you up to take the survey remotely.
There have been bears spotted on the top field after school last week. We will continue to be "bear aware" at Blewett Elementary School

Link to our district calendar



Kokanee Salmon Field Trip for grades 1-6.

WKTP Teacher Candidates : There will be teacher candidate trainees in the building visiting the primary classrooms. It's always a pleasure to work with our up and coming educators from UBC. 


BPAC Meeting at 5:45pm at the school. More information to come in our monthly newsletter


Terry Fox Celebration

More info to come

With that, Stay tunned for the Blewett newsletter with more information about school activities.

I hope you all have a great week!


Jordon Konken

Blewett Elementary School Principal