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Language Arts

The City of Ember


Climate Change

We can all "Say Something," whether it's through our VOICE, KINDNESS or our CREATIVITY. Let's dive deeper into "Saying Something" about climate change!!

Try the Climate Change Scavenger Hunt

Explore the Climate Kids website to gather your research

Body Science

Use the following websites to help with your research project.

Body System Games

Kokanee Salmon

Watch a video on grizzly bears catching salmon. (3 minutes long)

The Human Body

The Circulatory System (Check out these videos to help you to label the flow of blood through the heart.)

Light and Sound

Forces and Simple Machines

BIG Question: How do machines use forces and energy?

Roller Coasters

Simple Machine Websites and Videos

Compound Machines

Rube Goldberg Machines


Centre 3: Planet Research 
Planets for Kids website

Centre 7: Day & Night and the Seasons
Rotation and Revolution of Earth video
Seasons and the Sun video

Centre 8: The Moon
Video: What would happen if the moon disappeared?




Other Websites:

Math Games

Social Studies

Early Canada

Our Big Question: How did Canada become what it is today?



Our BIG question is: How did we get here?

Let’s look at the theories behind The Human Migration:

Let’s find out about Canada’s First Peoples:

Use your Family Tree and a country of interest to find out about your family’s immigration story.

If you finish your research early, check out these geography games:


Our BIG question is: How did Canada start in the first place?

Prime Ministers of Canada

First Among Equals
World Book Online
Canadian Encyclopedia

Other Educational Resources

Typing Practise

It is important to learn how to use home row to improve your keyboarding skills. Check out these keyboarding games.


RAZ Kids


Here are some sites to help with your Extreme Weather News Broadcasts:

Educational Games for Kids

Extreme Environments

Robot Explorer Project

Halloween Drawing Lessons